"It is not proper to love wine moderately: you might think that you are holding this gift of God to littleMichel de Montaigne, Essays.

Les vendanges à Montaigne

It is undeniable, the illustrious master of the house liked the wines, particularly those produced Montaigne its vineyards. The fresco of a bunch of white grapes still visible in the workroom of the Tower and demonstrates the long history that binds the vines and the terroir of Montaigne.

"Since the famous tower of the castle, he could see the Lidoire Valley, a small tributary of the Dordogne river on its right bank, which defines administratively today and stupidly wine wines of the one and the other board. In fact, the whole line of coast stretching from Fleix Saint-Michel de Montaigne is in clear continuity with slopes of Saint-Emilion and Castillon along the lower valley of the Dordogne. "(The Great Wines of France Bernard, 1987)

The Healthy trayt-Michel-de-Montaigne heart of our land of Montaigne, is indeed in the geological and climatological continuity famous limestone soils, which drew most of the great wines of these prestigious appellations.

Since the acquisition of the Castle and its vineyards in 1860, our family is so committed to proproduce wines that express the qualities of this great terroir. Thus, the famous author and publisher Bordeaux Edouard Féret wrote in 1903: "With the clay-limestone nature of its soil, an excellent choice of grape varieties and the most perfect care given to culture as in winemaking, this raw product red and white wines placed among the best in the country. "

Durings recent decades, we wanted to preserve the diversity of expression of the vineyard of Montaigne. Our production of red wines is well complemented by those of dry white wine and sweet white wine. For we know that it is the latter which, for many years, has built the reputation of our region!