Located in the municipality of Saint-Maixant on the border of several prestigious tourist and wine regions, Malagar is an exceptional site overlooking the Garonne valley, the city of Langon and the Landes forest.

It was in 1843 when Jean Mauriac, great-great-grandfather of the writer, it was bought by that Malagar takes on the appearance it has today: a mansion enclosed by two cellars, firm extended by two awnings building, a four-acre park and a vineyard of fourteen hectares.

What can you discover Malagar?

The House

guided tour of the ground floor of the residence of François Mauriac Gironde, as he has known. The visit is to share the universe and intimacy of Nobel Prize for Literature


The old winery red wine

now converted into a showroom, browse time shots, photos of family scenes, historical documents or videos and follow the route of the writer through the history of the twentieth century


The park

enjoy a free tour of the four-hectare park, walk to the author's citations of OTC crossing the warren, the orchard the avenue of elms and pause a moment on the famous terrace

As well as many cultural events during the season Malagar.

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