Castillon battle

From the year 845, the town of Castillon is mentioned: it is then a question of "Castillon which is on the river Dordogne," seat of the Viscount de Castillon created by Charlemagne. From the beginning the strategic site is used as castrum to monitor activity on the Dordogne. Around, a prosperous cited gradually built, walled part of which remains and is still visible today.

In 1953, for the 500th anniversary of the battle of 1453, which took place on the outskirts of the city and ended the 100 year war between French and English, Castillon took the name "Castillon-la-Bataille." Land of history where hospitality is a tradition of the traveler, Castillon la Bataille, cradled by the majestic Dordogne, is rich in beautiful natural and architectural heritage.

Culinary specialties and prestigious wines of the Côtes de Castillon, the river beauty, pageants, international cycling criterium and leisure quality know seduce and satisfy the senses of passing tourists.