Treasure hunt on the estate of Michel de Montaigne

For adventurers and adventurers, big or small, we offer to privatize the site, the time of a morning to help you discover who was Montaigne through a treasure hunt.

On the whole area of ​​Montaigne, in the tower, in the shop, in parks and gardens, you will find hidden puzzles and will have to answer questions ... to finally find the treasure of Montaigne!

Thegroup cohesion and insight will be the assets to be able to carry out this mission asked of you.

At your questionnaires, set, go!

Treasure hunting does not include the visit to the Tower (contact us if you wish to visit the tower).

We will have to rely on the site two hours because the participants will be divided in groups. Each team will be accompanied by an adult and own a notebook game.

  • Primary: € 3 per student
  • High School Cost: € 6 per student

Download the PDF specification (lycée view)

Download the PDF specification (primary version)