On the occasion of the "Days Parks and Gardens," "Days Writers' House" and "Heritage Days" come to visit the castle of the nineteenth century private residence of the owners of Montaigne site, acquired by Pierre Magne, Finance Minister Napoleon III in 1860.
Overhauled in 1886 following a fire, you will see different changes in the architecture of the Castle. Begin your visit with a lobby filled with antique weapons, and then pass by the majestic dining room and the reception room with a pool table area. To end your tour, you will pass through the magnificent library, main room of the current lords.


With this tour, you shoe a good in the past and discover the life of lord during a visit.

Days Parks and Gardens: 5, 6 and 7 June 2015

Each year, many gardens throughout France participating in the event. The Domaine de Montaigne is one of them.

On the occasion of this national weekend, we invite you to enjoy the parks and gardens of the site for free. For amateurs or more experienced gardeners, all the names of flowers and trees are on the site plan, given in person at the reception.

For literary, you can stroll in the park, and why not, reading the essays of Montaigne?

Of course, the Tower and the nineteenth Private castle opens, and you can benefit from a reduced price (€ 6)

Do not hesitate to book!

Days Writers' House: the 4 and 5 July 2015

The field of Montaigne joined the "Writers houses" since 2013.

The association "Maisons writers' aims to bring together writers and represent them, defend them and, through them, to promote literature.